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Roanoke JiuJitsu Academy Little Kids Early JiuJitsu

Ages 5-8

At this age we focus heavily on the ability to attend a structured class and how to move their bodies in new ways. This program is intended to be safe, fun, and engaging for young minds and small bodies. Competitive physical games will be a regular part of class to simulate and prepare them for live sparring.


Roanoke JiuJitsu Academy Big Kids Fundamentals

Ages 9-12

At this stage we begin to introduce the fundamentals of JiuJitsu self-defense and bully prevention program. This is typically the phase where we will begin to prepare those who are interested to compete in tournaments. As a result, live sparring will be a regular part of classes. Submission techniques will also be emphasized in these classes.

Roanoke JiuJitsu Academy Grappling Fundamentals

Ages 13+

JiuJitsu 101. Fundamentals classes to introduce JiuJitsu to the uninitiated. Individual techniques will be taught in a focused scope. We will then drill the new moves with moderate resistance and limit the move set to only the techniques taught for that day’s class. This greatly levels the playing field and provides an easy on-ramp for beginners while further sharpening core skill experienced individuals.

Roanoke JiuJitsu Academy Grappling Laboratory

Ages 13+

A chance for students to experiment with their techniques in a live environment. This class will teach several moves in sequences to encourage creative problem solving. These classes will incorporate elements of combatives, sport JiuJitsu, rudimentary striking, and self-defense. This class also includes live sparring with your teammates.